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Freelancing + Editing + Journalism + Proofreading + Scripts + Copywriting + Research + Literature Reviews + Custom Digital Artwork + Online Retailing + Websites + SEO + Landing Pages + Chatbots + Event Coordination + PHP Coding + Microsoft Office + Interpersonal Communication + Desktop Publishing + Current Position

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Combined Skills
APIs + PHP Coding + MySQL Databases + Business Networking + Copywriting + Marketing + Social Media + Creativity

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Combined Skills
Websites + PHP Coding + APIs + RSS Feeds + MySQL Databases + Research + Journalism + Environmental Psychology

The online space is filled with algorithmic echo chambers.

While I was studying Environmental Psychology at the University of Victoria, I saw how difficult it is to get a complete picture of environmental resilience using social media and search engines. So in 2018, I created

The mission is to deliver continuously updated single page briefs filled with quality content, on topics connected to environmental resilience.

On the ground reporting is about covering the people who are closest to events. Every brief is a curated web of informative links and videos, seeded by community television stations and newspapers.

Briefs are designed to show the links between human well-being and an aspect of environmental resilience. The rate articles come out is a loose indicator of interest in the news on a particular topic. Take the brief on food security, for example. The issue is global in scope, but the forefront is your grocery basket. Its publication rate is reported at the top of the page.

Ontheground follows over 200 local newspapers from more than 150 communities across Canada. To create a brief, it cross-references the latest news coverage in Canada with recent papers published in over 1800 peer-reviewed journals worldwide.

The research for this project began with an initial list of 140 topics directly connected to the ability to bounce back from environmental disasters, which I extracted from 1549 peer-reviewed papers via an API provided by JSTOR using software that I wrote.

The list has since expanded to over 1200 topics, most of which I added manually as I learned about environmental resilience by using the site.

I designed the branding using photoshop and built the website from scratch in TextPad. The backend is written in PHP, uses a MySQL database, and checks hundreds of RSS feeds daily for relevant news, videos, podcasts, jobs, and published peer-reviewed research.

Ontheground also posts top-interest articles on Facebook daily.

Combined Skills
Cryptocurrrency + Algorithms + APIs + PHP Coding + Trading + Finance + Investment + Research + Websites

In 2017, I took on the challenge of designing an algortihmic trading system for cryptocurrencies, taking an experimental approach and working as the sole researcher and developer. I wanted to apply my knowledge of APIs, complexity theory, and finance to see if I could build a profitable trading bot from scratch.

I began by crafting several algorithms that tested ideas taken from technical trading, with the goal of developing one that independently makes trading decisions. Eventually I settled on using a combination of technical jargon and real-time headlines using a unique approach to sentiment analysis. After weeding out unproductive ideas that are based on fallacies and cognitive biases (i.e. the gamblers fallacy, hindsight bias, as so forth), I spotted a correlation between terms used in headline and price changes over a 24-hour period.

On June 23, 2019, I initialized version 6 and have continuously refined and evolved it ever since. So far, it has implemented over 225 incremental improvements and identified more than 80 analysts and influencers whose headlines tend to correlate with price changes.

Throughout this experiment, every trade has been logged in the ledger, which is published on the website. This comprehensive record not only helps me track the optimization process but also provides transparency and accountability. It allows me to monitor the progress and make data-driven adjustments whenever necessary.

The heart of the experiment lies in the bottom-line results. By continuously comparing real prices with the information provided by qualified sources, I have fine-tuned the algorithm to more effectively manage risk and make better trading decisions over time. My research and coding efforts have enabled the algorithm to dynamically refine itself, leading to greater gains and smaller losses.

From the very beginning, my primary focus was to develop an algorithm that could select consistently profitable trading strategies. It makes a single trading decision each day. By analyzing the sentiment and relevance of analyst-written headlines, my algorithm autonomously adapts to market conditions, ensuring it remains responsive and effective.

In 2020, based on information gathered from the experiment, I designed a simple game that helps users learn the basics of sentiment trading for free. Using the game, I was able to ascertain flaws in my software and make significant improvements both to how it manages risk and how it interprets the language used by analysts in headlines.

So far, the results show that most analysts and influencers are correct less than half the time. However, some are significantly more accurate, and my software identifies them. It has tested hundreds of analysts, and today it makes decisions based on headlines written by the ones who most consistently use predictive language accurately over time.

Ultimately, version 6 autonomously makes trading decisions based on sentiment analysis. It appears to be able to spot and profit from trends but the experiment is ongoing and there is more to learn. Through meticulous coding and continuous refinement, it has evolved significantly and it will continue to improve. The comprehensive record-keeping and data-driven approach ensure transparency and drive improvements in the system's bottom-line performance.

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