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Lives in Victoria, British Columbia.
Writes about friendship, history, and philosophy on Substack.
Freelancer since 2005.

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Organized & Diligent


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Nuanced, Complex Thinker


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Biographical Highlights

Slave Lake, Alberta

Survived an Airplane Crash

My mother and I were in a 15-seat airplane that went down during a blizzard in Northern Alberta.

Kumi, South Korea

Taught English Overseas

I taught English to preschool children, teenagers, housewives, and engineers in Kumi, South Korea.

Prince George, British Columbia

Survived Cancer

I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in Korea, and treated in Canada after it reached stage 3.

Victoria, British Columbia

Honored by Camosun College

I was a top student, sat on the Board of Governors, and founded a fundraising event for hungry students that became an annual college tradition.


Spent 2 Weeks in Singapore

I studied Singapore's history, played with monkeys, networked with fellow Toastmasters, went to the zoo, took photos in the National Orchid Garden, and celebrated New Years Eve.

Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia

Ran Half-Marathons

I ran my first half-marathon in Vancouver. Then I went on to run two more: The next spring in Vancouver, and the following autumn in Victoria.

Queen Charlotte Straight, British Columbia

Helped Sail a Sloop

I took a 48-foot sloop up the east coast of Vancouver Island with an old friend from school.

Side Interests

Rising Above Media Bias: I use a service called inoreader to follow news from across the political and religious spectra. It enables me to track over 140 sources from around the world, and avoid falling into algorithmic echo chambers.

Environmental Resilience: I am currently interested in the following topics, mainly from a Canadian perspective. To follow them, I coded an aggregator that provides continously-updated coverage.
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Last Updated: Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Generative AI business and life coach + referral system
Literature Reviews, Analysis, News Media Monitoring
Server-Side, Client-Side, Design, Automation
Improve customer engagement, sell more
Logistics, Budgets, Coordination, Consulting
Books, Articles, Reports, Manuals, Ads
Competitive prices, fast turnaround
Full Episodes, Episode Segments, Ads
Tax, Payroll, Cash FLow, Budgeting
Restore and Colorize, High-Quality Prints

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My Education

Environmental Psychology
University of Victoria
Marketing and Administration
Royal Roads University
Finance and Administration
Camosun College
Political Science and History
University of Alberta
Organizational Analysis
University of Liverpool
Budgeting, Taxes, Payroll
Workforce Academy

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