Andrew B. Nuttall:

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Here is an airplane crash he survived at age 7.

Here he is playing with monkeys in Singapore:

Here are some things people have written about Andrew:

“You know, I want to appreciate you for modelling the kind of character and behavior that I feel is exactly what we need more of right now. You lead with contribution.”
– Will Wilkinson, leadership coach, 2001
“The results of the installation you completed on our behalf have exceeded our expectations, in responsiveness, application and price…..It is no exaggeration to say that we are saving a substantial amount of staff time daily and are now even better equipped to meet the needs of our clients.”
– Susan M. Nielsen, G.N., CFP, Senior Consultant, Investors Group, 2000
“Andy and I began meeting on a weekly basis… Having this focus and accountability helped me to excel in seeking business opportunities… To date, I have purchased over $7 million in real estate and have helped over 20 clients pursue their real estate goals...”
Greg Gillespie, Senior Executive, Oasis Properties, 2009
“In my dealings with him, Andy has displayed a natural propensity towards public relations... I am pleased to report that he generated a fabulous level of public awareness that led to great word of mouth, and consequently each presentation played to sold-out houses.”
– Dave Jackson, Associate Director-Public Relations, Citadel Theatre in Edmonton, 1993

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